ONE STOP Consultation for Global Business

Global Business Consultants give advice on global business including export,import,investment,design,MD,global business expansion.

HANDS ON Support for Developing Global Sales Channels

We provide "HANDS ON support"for small & medium Enterprise,especially those which have excellent competitive products but are hesitating to enter into global market due to lack of experience.ll-experienced"Global Manager","Overseas Technical Manager"and "Trade Manager"provide HANDS ON support for development of global business.

support for participating foreign exhibitions

Seminars & training sessions

Global Business Start up Seminar

Global Market Development Seminar

Product Development & Design

Practical Training Course for personnel working on international trade

Training Course for making leaders for global business

Training Course for Product design for Japanese Market.


Concept , Design , Planning , Products development.

and Business development!


If the custmer in Japan is looked for,

Please leave it to WONDER LLC.


We can fulfill your hope.

It becomes possible by using our network. 


What would you like to sell?

To whom? To where? Yo when?

Help of export and import can also be performed.


Send me e-mail first rather than you think. 

Please tell me what kind of business you consider. We are your business partners.